We Are Now Proud Members of the Founder’s Institute

During the past months, we had the opportunity to participate in the Founder’s Institute, an early-stage startup network that helps entrepreneurs in defining their business ideas and their operating models. The program can be described as a fast MBA where we are continuously examined and completing tasks that will lead us to launch an enduring company as soon as the course is over.

One of the things that I liked the most about the Program is the access we had to numerous mentors that are successful internet entrepreneurs and members of the venture capital community. That allowed us to receive feedback from people that went through the same process we are going through, so that we can leverage on their past experiences and success. Another powerful component are the weekly meetings that are conducted with other class members. That dimension gave us a forum, not just to refine our ideas, but to support ourselves at the emotional level, in this stage in which where we are subject to many ups and downs.

I was reluctant to participate in the program at the beginning, but I most confess that going through the Founder’s program has been one of the best time investments I have ever made.


Our founder Maritza Ramirez (first one from the right) with fellow graduates from the Founders Institute.